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The Right Time for Us to Bail Your Hay

Monday 01 February 2016 - 23:00:00

Prime hay baling starts from the beginning of March and goes all the way through October. Normally around here with proper rain, and proper property maintenance, you'll get three cuttings a year.  There are those at agricultural universities that will tell you that you can cut every thirty days under perfect conditions, however, they use test plots as their reference. Typically that isn’t possible or prudent to do.

As a result, there are those who go by the “book” and require that from their hay professionals.  There have almost never been such perfect, ideal conditions, here in this part of Texas, to produce those kinds of results.   Since people read the publications that give customers the idea that it is possible, the customer will call and say, “Well, it’s been 30 days, but the grass is only four inches tall.” A custom baler just can’t make it worth his, or the customer’s time to bale properties once a month. However, if the customer is persistent in wanting theirs cut every 30 days there is a minimum charge involved.

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