Generations Of Jaseks 1Within the span of four generations, Jared Jasek finds himself running his family’s farm.  Originally John Marshall Wershon started the business. It was then passed it to his daughter Vernal which married Frankie Jasek, whose family was German / Czechoslovakia immigrants. Generations Of Jaseks 2When Frank and Vernal got married, Frank purchased the land from his father in law Marshall for about 38 dollars an acre, roughly then 600 acres. After Frank passed, the land was split between the brothers Jerry and William Terrell Jasek. It was then again passed on between their children which left Jared to run the family farm today.

When Frank was living the farm produced things like peanuts, corn and some grass (hay baling).  In 1946 Jerry Jasek was born (Jared’s Father), and in 1976 Jerry took over the family farm. Jerry ran it mainly doing grass services and property management, as they are currently doing it today. That was until 2013 when he passed. That’s when Jared took over.

Generations Of Jaseks 3Since Jared took over, a lot of practices have changed in farming, especially in the areas of technology. Before that time Jared had a chance to learn virtually everything he knows today from his family. Jared explains, “I have learned from them pretty much everything; how to do your mixtures, how to safely run machinery, how to keep everything and operating order... A lot of the stuff we do is very, very dangerous and you have to have a competent person to run the machinery because if it's not treated with care it could seriously hurt somebody.”  

“I also learned the procedures of how to transparent grass. I learned the procedures of how to cut and bale hay. Over the years they taught me proprietary tricks for testing hay when it's ready to bale. As many people in the hay business know, you can bale hay a little bit on the green side, but if you bale it too green, it'll mold and slash or it'll settle.  It'll smolder and actually set itself on fire. “

About Hay Bellville / Generations of the Jaseks.Jared further explains, “I try to get along with everybody, in which I've always had pretty good luck with. So my dad, on the other hand, was a little different. They would call him and nag him like at times people can do to me. He'd then probably give them the blunt end because that was just his way, ‘I told you were coming. We'll be there as soon as we can. If that's not quick enough, find somebody else. However, they knew his work and were willing to wait.  We’re a little different people, and people understand that I probably handle that situation a little different,” Jared says.

When Jared was younger he didn’t know if he would stay in the family business. He thought for a time about going to college and getting away from it but he chose to stay and is happy about the decision. “I don't really care to go anywhere else and will say at this there is a good chance, knock on wood, with everything God provided, in the next eight to ten years I could be the only one left out of the current people here doing it. Two to three of the better guys are getting older so that just may leave me unless newer people come along.”



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