Grass Planting and Improvement

Property Management Hay Bellville provides field grass planting for hay baling and grazing. We do not provide residential landscaping services such as sod. When we go into plant grass we typically will drop down Coastal, Jiggs which are the two big sellers around here or other natural grasses on large acreage fields – pastures.

Professional grass planting can be tricky. Since we have been doing this a long time we help give you the highest quality, healthies grass. We start by using a nursery plot that we drag behind the tractor; this is part of the grass planting that's normally done between the end of January and the beginning to middle of March because the roots of the grass are still in the dormant stage. Once ready, we dig the roots of the ground and load them on a trailer then take the roots and plant them planter machine. We basically drill or plant on your property.

EquipmentWe wait to do this while it is dormant because you want the roots to come alive and start making again. You can still technically transplant them, but say you take them from where we grow them then go plant them at your place and they don't get enough rain for a month they will rot If you dig them while they are dormant and transplant them while they're dormant, they can lay there six months without moisture and then as soon as they get moisture, they come out of dormancy stage and they'll still continue on. The root doesn't rot.

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