Shredding, bushwhacking, pasture mowing or field mowing all have different names depending on who you talk to. Regardless of what you call it is the rough cut job on large, thick brush. It doesn't do a lawnmower type of job. It's to bring the tall weeds and grasses down. People have various reasons for doing this; some people dislike the wildlife, because how it affects their domestic animals and property. Others just want to generally maintain the property every so often so won’t be completely overrun, becoming unmanageable and unusable.

We currently have a six-foot shredder which we would use for small areas. We also have 13-foot machines with we would typically use for the average property. Our 18’ machine is used for large fields like 50 aches. The shredder will take down pretty much any weeds, grass or brush, but won’t cut down large trees and such.

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